Mo' Crypto Mo' Taxes Series

Stuntin' Like My Crypto (Season 1, Episode #7)

Theme song:

98's, forty-five paper plates

Ten, the whole thing, big money heavy weight

A hundred stacks, spend fifty on a caddy, twenty-five on the pinky

-Stuntin' Like My Daddy

Song by Birdman and Lil Wayne

Pop quiz: what is the easiest way to earn crypto?

Answer: Crypto Faucets!

Boredom is a hell of a drug. The Notorious C.R.Y.P.T.O C was so busy learning how to make money on crypto that even on his "down" time he looked for easier ways to grow his crypto assets. No wonder his social life was super suspect. So one Saturday night while everyone was enjoying the beautiful summer night, The Notorious C.R.Y.P.T.O C learned about something called crypto faucets. By the way, who comes up with this crazy names? The Notorious C.R.Y.P.T.O C spent the whole night researching and enrolling different crypto faucets.

Crypto faucets are websites, apps, or programs that offer a small amount of digital tokens in return for carrying out simple tasks. These are called faucets because the rewards offered are small, just like drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet. I guess this makes sense in a geeky crypto world! The Notorious C.R.Y.P.T.O C thought to himself that this sounds too good to be true. Therefore, he only participated in websites that had multiple reviews from different credible sources.

The income that The Notorious C.R.Y.P.T.O C "earned" was extremely small but they can add up. It didn't matter because this was time that he considered "down" time. The amounts he earned served as an extra source of income. He was a strong believer in the future of cryptocurrencies. especially for those who believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. Some investors also consider crypto faucets as a risk-free alternative to cryptocurrency trading. The tasks in crypto faucets could be as simple as clicking buttons or passing CAPTCHA tests at frequent intervals in a day.

Just in case you were wondering, The Notorious C.R.Y.P.T.O C is back to being a crypto millionaire. However, this time he chose to save and grow his crypto assets instead of going on big spending spree. The current value of his crypto assets is $2,584,901

Did you know.......

Do your own research: there are also many crypto faucets platforms that turn out to be scams. No matter what, don't give about your private key information.

The idea behind crypto faucets is to give free cryptocurrencies to people so they would take the time to learn about digital assets and hopefully invest in them.

Crypto faucets feature a crypto mini wallet or micro wallet for depositing the crypto rewards. Users have complete ownership of the wallets and the assets within.

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